Updates on Hidden By Order

There are some great updates on Hidden By Order, with several major media groups, online communities and even major publishers now interested in helping to spread what is fast becoming a best seller.

People are amazed by the book and the depth it covers.

Make sure you get your copy today.

The Crusades – is the truth now being shown?

If you’ve read the book “Hidden By Order” you know more than 99% of the people around about the truth behind the Templars, and their involvements in the Crusades.

It will be interesting to see whether the main researcher Dr Thomas Asbridge has read the material in Hidden By Order and been allowed to reveal some or all of the Templar Secrets, or if the conventional historical lines will be followed.

The show’s promotion material promises new insights, and so it will be of interest to those who know the truth, and those enquiring to see what is shared.


Quoting the BBC website:


Tonight – The story of the Crusades is remembered as a tale of religious fanaticism and unspeakable brutality, but using fresh evidence, Dr Thomas Asbridge re-examines this medieval drama

Thomas Asbridge

Dr Thomas Asbridge is an internationally renowned medieval historian and author of the critically acclaimed books The Crusades: The War for the Holy Land and The First Crusade: A New History. In the course of his research, he has travelled extensively across the Middle East and walked from Turkey to Jerusalem along the route of the First Crusade.
Thomas studied for a BA in Ancient and Medieval History at Cardiff University, and then gained his PhD in Medieval History at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is now Reader in Medieval History at Queen Mary, University of London and director of the groundbreaking MA in Islam & the West.

Hidden By Order – New Templar Movie? TV?

There have been many enquiries about the new movie of Hidden By Order or potential TV and media coverage.

We can not share any more details at this stage but it is very exciting.

The global interest in Hidden By Order, Reptile Skulls, Secrets of the Templars, Egypt, Crusades, Codes, and more is refreshing and a sign of the growing “waking up”.

If you would like to discuss options and working on these projects do get in touch.

Secrets revealed of the Knights Templars

There are many orders and groups who claim to belong to the Knights Templars.

Will you learn the truth? The Truth shall set you free?

Have you heard of The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

Have you heard of the Knights Templars of Britannia?

are they one of the orders mentioned in www.HiddenByOrder.com

read the book and judge for yourself



Hidden By Order is one of those rare books that you genuinely can’t seem to put down. Whether it is the sense of mystery or the revelations that occur late in the book I am not sure. Certainly there has not been a better book about the Knights Templar since Dan Brown nearly 10 years ago. It is written as a discovery essay allowing the reader to access the information and make decisions for themselves. It is not a ‘fois gras’ of a book- nothing is force fed or too rich to digest. The structure is contemporary and is a fascinating description of the history and links to other cultures. The reader is lead, like the author with his guide John, on a journey with the shields of logic, science and philosophy.

History is always relative (our own relative truth) and is always potentially wrong as it is written by those with an interest in the recording of such events. This book derives information for a wide variety of sources and is clear in its evaluation of the context and significance of that history. Some of the information appears to be completely original in its origin. There is an element of psychology and undercurrent of fear associated with some of the chapters. The novel is part of the exploration of alternative religious history, whose central plot point wide ranging and extra ordinary in its nature. The book will provoke a popular interest in speculation concerning the Holy Grail legend and Magdalene’s role in the history of Christianity as well as how the Knights Templar were part of our own history.

This book reveals many of the Knights Templar secret legends, including exposé photos of creatures known to the Templars but ‘hidden by the Order’ (The Knights Templar Order). The Knights Templar offers alternative viewpoints to currently accepted history. The book is necessarily a blend, containing much which is fact but, at times, interpreting facts through conjecture. At such times, there are insufficient facts to provide indisputable proof, and we must employ analysis and rational thinking in order to arrive at a logical conclusion.  The subjects covered in the book, while somewhat diverse, are in fact strongly linked, forming evidence of a cover-up of knowledge throughout history, controlling the beliefs of our ancestors, and perpetuating untruths through ruthless censorship for political, monetary or spiritual gain.

The book is already causing waves and some of the material is very disturbing. Part of the joy of reading a good book (and this is a good book) is to be stimulated, drawn in to the narrative and left with a sense of real change. By reading the prose carefully, allowing the full story to develop, expand and interlink- will leave you feeling that there are, indeed, many things Hidden by Order.


Photos of the book – Hidden By Order

Here you can see some photos of the first edition of Hidden By Order.

Hidden By Order - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Hidden By Order - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Hidden By Order - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Hidden By Order - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Hidden By Order - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Hidden By Order - The Truth Shall Set You Free

We still have some signed copies available for people who are buying as V.I.P.s, attending the private breakfasts, lunches and dinners and interested in learning more about the truth behind www.HiddenByOrder.com

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Press Release – Proof of Reptilian Race on Earth – Exposé book by Knights Templar reveals Photos of Reptilian Skull

Proof of Reptilian Race here on Earth – New Exposé book by Knights Templar ‘Hidden By Order’ by Graham J Fothergill and Tim Dingle. Photos of Reptilian Skull. Revealed secrets of the Knights Templar, hidden for centuries for a reason, full of never before released truths about the Knights Templar, secrets of the pyramids, Magic and the Magi, Napoleon, Jesus’s face on the Sphinx, Priory of Sion, bloodlines and the Holy Grail, Da Vinci’s last supper, spiritual powers, how to see Angels, Devils and Draco (Dragons) and actual proof of ‘never before seen photos’ of a real reptilian skull, to mention just a few subjects covered in this exposé book. “The truth shall set you free”.

“This book is about a journey of discovery, the secrets of the Knights Templar and is based on 15 years of truth seeking. When someone tells you anything that goes against the official ‘known’ history, or against our education or current knowledge, our instinct is to cling to the accepted point of view. Perhaps we should think further. How do we know that what we have been taught at school, college or university is true?”

Watch the video.


The Secret World – Hidden By Order

There is a new experience online called The Secret War that has been launched in Beta in synchronicity with the launch of Hidden By Order (the best seller).

The game / experience allows people to see behind the curtain and hints at the powers / influence of three groups – The Templars, The Illuminati and The Dragon.

It hints at the fight of good and evil and hints at what can come next…

We will be sharing more about the real powers in the book.. www.HiddenByOrder.com 


Get your copy today..


You can find out more here:


FAQ from the website:

: What is ‘The Secret War’ experience?

A: It is an interactive online experience where you choose a secret society or take the personality test to determine which one you are suited for, and you are then brought into a web-based representation of the global conflict where you can expand your society’s influence in the world at the same time as you climb their ranks and unlock rewards such as in-game items, achievements, and even the coveted guaranteed beta access.

Q: Is the full ‘The Secret War’ experience available now?

A: No, the experience is being launched in two phases. The first phase launched on August 29th, 2011 and includes the new trailer video, the brand-new personality test, and the ability to choose a secret society and register with that society. This also functions as the official beta registration for ‘The Secret World’.

Q: What will the second phase include?

A: The second phase will include all the advanced features of the experience, such as the ability to recruit friends and make them agents for your cause, affect the influence of your secret society on an interactive world map, climb the ranks of your society by sharing screenshots and information about ‘The Secret World’ with your friends, unlocking exclusive in-game items such as weapons and clothing, and more. The experience will even feature new videos that the community must work together to unlock!

Q: Is there any other way to register that does not require Facebook Connect?

A: The second phase of the experience will rely heavily on social networking functionality such as the ability to recruit friends and turn them into agents. But if you only want to signup for the beta without taking part in the second phase of the Secret War, you can go tohttps://register.funcom.com/tsw_beta/ where Facebook is not required.

Q: Do I need to participate in the second phase of ‘The Secret War’ experience to be eligible for beta testing the game?

A: No, you do not need to participate in the second phase. Even though beta registration is tied into the first phase of the experience, you do not need to join us in the second phase should you not want to. Even when the second phase launches, those who just want to register for the beta can leave the experience after having chosen a secret society and left their details. One of the reasons why we have incorporated the beta registration into the experience is because we want everyone who wishes to beta test the game to learn more about it and be as involved in the community dynamics as possible.

Q: I have already taken the original initiation test and I am already a ‘The Secret World’ community member. Do I have to register again to be eligible for beta access?

A: No, you do not need to register again. All community members who have taken the previous initiation test have already been automatically registered as beta applicants. However we strongly encourage everyone who signed up previously to re-register, as this will allow you to take part in ‘The Secret War’ experience. Due to the way the experience is set up, we need everyone to re-register in order to gain access. We encourage everyone to use the same e-mail address as before, though it is not required.

Q: Does participating in the second phase of ‘The Secret War’ experience increase my chances of getting into the beta?

A: Yes. Those who reach the highest rank in experience automatically receive guaranteed beta access, and as such you have a higher chance of getting into the beta if you choose to participate in the experience. To us that is also a great way of getting the best testers into the beta experience, as anyone who reaches the highest rank is sure to be more than averagely interested in the game.

Q: What does guaranteed beta access mean?

A: Guaranteed beta access means that you are guaranteed to be invited into the beta at some point between now and the launch of the game. Guaranteed access does not guarantee early entry into the beta, it means you will get admission at one point.

Q: I already have guaranteed beta access that I received though a previous Funcom campaign — is this still valid?

A: Yes. Anyone who has ever acquired guaranteed access still has guaranteed access. This means that they will be invited into the beta at some point between now and launch.

Q: I have just registered – when will I get into the beta for ‘The Secret World’?

A: Keep in mind that due to the sheer volume of beta applications that Funcom receives, it is impossible to give everyone a chance to join before the game is launched. As such, it is not guaranteed that you will get into the beta. Keep in mind that beta testing is first and foremost a tool for the developers to make sure the game is stable, fun and enjoyable.

Q: How long will the beta test run for?

A: The beta test for ‘The Secret World’ is an ongoing process that will run all the way up to the launch of the game. Funcom will gradually introduce more testers into the beta as it progresses.








Secrets Of The Templars Revealed

During my journey I was shown the secrets of the Knights Templars.

In Hidden By Order, the Secrets Of The Templars are Revealed

The Knights Templar is an organisation dedicated to fraternal friendship based on honour and integrity. The Knights Templars are guardians of many secrets, including the Holy Grail. In the 12th Century, the Knights Templar would meditate twice a day and before battle, to focus their mind and spirit as one. The Knights Templar used sacred geometry and symbols in their ceremonies and rituals, and believed in the brotherhood of mankind. Fraternal Friendship is their Code of Life. The Knights Templar of Britannia today live by the same spiritual code of Honour.

ALL NATIONALITIES are most welcome to join online, Men and Women Worldwide, as a Knight Chevalier, Executive or Official Member.

Knights Templars

With thanks to the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia

You can find great gifts for yourself and others here Knights Templars Shop



Press Release about Secrets of the Templars

Seven hundred years of knowledge, closely guarded secrets deemed too hot to handle by the public and reserved for the inner circle members’ eyes only, now revealed for the first time in this “can’t put down” roller coaster ride of an exposure book. “Secret des Templier” (Secrets of the Templars) – released on 1st December 2011.

This book contains genuine information supported by research and photographic proof, making this the most authentic Knights Templar book of all time. The twists and turns of viewpoint make this book a thought provoking must read for all fans of the “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown and the Knights Templars.

The book’s revealed secrets and subjects include:

The real origins of the Knights Templar Symbol

The true identity of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene

The answer to the question “Is Jesus Christ Black or White?”

Napoleon Bonaparte

The Real Knights Templar Code

The Truth behind The Da Vinci Code

The Egyptian Origins of The Knights Templars

The True Identity of the Face of the Sphinx

The Truth about “Alien / Reptile” like creatures – with photos of a real life skull that looks like something straight from the movie “Predator”

The book author used sources of information approved by the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia ( http://www.knightstemplar-uk.co.uk ). Their Grand Master was by hereditary birthright the ancestral true Grand Master of the Knights Templars of Britannia.

The book release date is 1st December 2011.

Pre-Orders are available now for £24.95 GBP / $39.95 USD from The Knights Templar Shop websitehttp://www.knightstemplarsshop.com/ 


Brother Graham


+44 (0) 208 1664 161